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Iris Pond Plants

Louisiana Iris and several other iris varieties will grow well in moist bog areas. We have a wide variety of colors available to add a beautiful display of color to your pond during the spring months. Iris bloom once a year usually April to June, and may need a year to establish before they begin blooming. Louisiana Iris cultivars, laevigata Iris cultivars & flag Irises will grow in moist soil or submerged in water up to 4" deep. Japanese ensata iris varieties like moist boggy soil but will not tolerate submersion more than 2 months a year. Most iris varieties, except laevigata varieties can grow outside the pond if watered frequently.  ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA AND PUERTO RICO CUSTOMERS NOTE: OUR MARGINAL BOG PLANTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO SHIP TO ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA AND PUERTO RICO DUE TO STATE AGRICULTURAL LAWS NOT PERMITTING SHIPPING POTTED PLANTS WITH SOIL INTO THE STATE.