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Floating Plant Collection - Large

Floating Plant Collection - Large

$ 99.95

ILLEGAL AND CANNOT SHIP TO: AL, CA, FL, LA, MS, SC, TX, WI - Order Will be substituted or cancelled if ordered and it is illegal for the nursery to ship to your state. Floating pond plants are a must for the water garden. They compete with algae for nutrients, thus starving the algae. Floating pond plants provide shade and protection for your pond inhabitants. 

The large floating pond plant collection has:

6 Water Hyacinths
6 Water Lettuce
6 Curly/Rosette Leaf Water Lettuce
6 Frogbit

If ordered where the plants are illegal to be shipped to your state, we will substitute with legal floating plants for your state!!

 Some of the plants in this collection are regulated in some states and may be substituted if illegal in your state - Never release these plants into public lakes or waterways. Know your state laws when ordering pond plants.

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