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Floating Plant Protector with Floating Plants

Floating Plant Protector with Floating Plants

$ 51.95

This collection includes:

1 - 12" Floating Plant Protector

1 - Small Portion of  Either: Azolla, Duckweed or Salvinia

3 - Floating Plants: Water Hyacinth, Rosette/Curly Water Lettuce or Sensitive Fern

We can customize these collections however you prefer! Just leave us a note in the comments section which combination of floating plants you would like. If you would like Duckweed and Lettuce, Azolla and Hyacinths or any other similar combination, we will make it happen! As long as the floating plants you choose are legal in your State. Substitutions will occur if a plant chosen in this package is illegal or prohibited in your state.

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