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Landon Fertilizer 2 OZ.

Landon Fertilizer 2 OZ.

$ 4.50

Landon Aquatic Fertilizer is a combination of organic and inorganic ingredients that work together to create spectacular results. It is a very ‘hot’ formula that requires very strict adherence to the directions for use. In using this formula we suggest that you combine the appropriate amount of fertilizer with soil and fill your container three quarters full. Add the tuber and cover with(unfertilized) soil. 2 oz Packet is good for one single use on a regular waterlily or 2 uses on young waterlilies.

Full Strength 60 Days - 2.0 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. Soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 64) This ratio is used for nymphaea re-potting using recently dug or uprooted plants with minor to extensive root injury.

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