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Microbe-Lift Mean Green Algae Team - Large

Microbe-Lift Mean Green Algae Team - Large

$ 135.95

Two great products packaged together at a savings to you. Green Clean is great for killing filamentous and string algae. Microbe-Lift P/L seeds your biological filter and makes the dead algae disappear. Contains 1 Gal. of Microbe-Lift P/L and 8 lbs. of Green Clean.

Microbe-Lift PL: A natural, beneficial, environmentally safe bacteria that is non-pathogenic, non-toxic and non-caustic. Microbe-lift creates a healthy environment in your pond and promotes faster fish growth. It improves dissolved oxygen levels and reduces hydrogen sulfide odors. Microbe-lift works in both high and low alkalinity. It metabolizes dead algae and dissolves away organic sludge. It also seeds and maintains biological filters and reduces biological oxygen demand. It has a shelf life of 3-5 years. Treats a 1,000 gallon pond for two months (a 5,000 gallon pond requires 46 oz. for the same two month period)

GreenClean: Green Clean can be used to treat and control string algae, green water algae and also is a great solution to clean your ponds. Green Clean is excellent in conjunction with beneficial bacteria products and will not affect or discolor pond liners. This product is also safe for fish and other aquatic animals.

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