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PondGRO | Pond Plant Soil

PondGRO | Pond Plant Soil

$ 49.95

PondGro pond plant soil is a loam soil mix for customers who do not have access to sandy loam soil for pond plants. Areas of Florida, parts of the desert southwest or western USA mountain regions do not have access to heavy clay based soil. Bagged soil is filled with organic matter which decays in the water. Our loam is part silt, clay, and sand making for a very healthy loam soil for potting your plants. Dampen but do not wet heavily before adding to the pond. 

Each Box is approximately 18lbs of soil which will fill 2 one gallon planting containers.

You can add the volume of your planting media by adding another 1/3 part sand of any sort to this mix. Doing so will increase volume and lower the cost as this soil mix is expensive to ship. Children's play sand is inexpensive and pre-rinsed and is an easy additive to this mix and is widely sold at big box stores for a few dollars.  

Note the soil will ship separately from any plants in its own packaging so they may not arrive on the same day. 

Each Bag contains 10 lbs. of loam soil.
Maximum order is 6 Bags (60 lbs.) , if you need to order larger quantities please email us for a quote with how much and the physical shipping address. pondplantsonline@yahoo.com
Due to the weight of this product it is not available to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah or any US Territory unless special shipping has been arranged due to cost of shipping to these states.

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