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Wintering Submerged Oxygenating Pond Plants

Anacharis Cabomba Fall and Winter Pond Plant Care Hornwort Oxygenating Pond Plants Pond Plants Online Red Ludwigia Submerged Pond Plants Vallisneria

Submerged plants need to be below the ice to survive the winter months in the North. Any part of the plant that is allowed to freeze on the surface will turn to mush and add unwanted debris to the pond. In the Fall, you can net them out and re-bundle them. The tops are the part of the plant you want to keep. Bundle them in bunches of 6 to 8 stems about 8" long and replant in baskets of pea gravel or place weights on them to sink to the bottom of the pond.

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Fall and Winter Marginal and Bog Plants Care

Bog Plants Fall and Winter Pond Plant Care Perennial Pond Plants Pond Plants Online

 Now that fall has arrived it is time to prepare your marginal and bog pond plants for the winter months. Once your bog plants begin to brown, usually after the first hard frost, prune back excess foliage and discard any decaying material, so it does not compromise the water quality over the winter months. Hardy Pickerel and Thalia Dealbata should be placed at a sufficient depth to avoid freezing the crown of the plant. Most of the perennial hardy marginal plants can be left where they have been growing for the season and will return the following spring.  Tropical bog plants can...

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Lotus Care during the Winter Months

How to Plant Lotus Lotus Pond Plants Lotus Tubers Preparing Your Lotus for Winter Store News

Hardy pond lotus will go dormant during the winter months when temperatures are cool and there is less sunlight. We have listed several methods of preparing your lotus for winter and storing the lotus until Spring. Depending on your pond, climate and storage facilities available, choose the best method for your situation. Pond Storage If your garden pond does not freeze solid during the winter months, the lotus can spend the winter months in the pond where it is currently planted.  After the first killing frost and the lotus has completely died back for the season, you can remove the...

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Floating Plant/Fish Barrier Protectors

Floating Plant/Fish Barrier Protectors Floating Pond Plants Frogbit Pond Plants Online Water Hyacinth Water Lettuce

Floating barriers prevent your koi and goldfish from eating floating plants. Roots grow through the mesh and the ring floats. Available in three sizes, 18", 2' and 3' round sizes. Great for Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Giant Sensitive, Frogbit and more.

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Planting Lotus Tubers

How to Plant Lotus Lotus Planting Containers Lotus Pond Plants Lotus Tubers Store News

Growing and planting lotus is really quite simple if you start with quality lotus tubers and choose the correct planting containers. Follow Pond Plants Online planting instructions carefully and we guarantee you will be successful. These magnificent pond plants can be growing in your water garden or patio container this summer.   Choose the correct size container for the lotus you select. Planting a large variety of lotus in a two gallon planting container will not give the lotus enough room to grow and you will not be successful. Stuffing a large lotus tuber in a 12" pot will not...

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