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Algae Control & Water Clarity

Algae Control
One plague of summer can frustrate even the most diligent pond owner – ALGAE. There is the long stringy algae that appears on waterfalls and stream beds or there is the "pea soup" variety where the water simply appears green. All algae forms thrive in warm water full of nutrients that receives even modest amounts of sunlight. Although algae is common to aquatic habitats, natural ponds do not have this particular form unless significant environmental problems exist, such as run-off containing fertilizers entering a pond.
Usually in the typical fish pond that has high nutrients you can count on long stringy algae to show up each summer, and the worse the nutrient problem, the sooner it will appear. Having plenty of fast growing plants helps combat algae problems, but they can only absorb so much of the ammonia and nitrate available.
Remove as much long stringy algae as possible. This messy, unpleasant task needs to be done. Once you have removed as much string algae as possible treat the pond with Green Clean, Algae Fix or Microbe-Lift Algaway. GreenClean is a powder and works great if applied directly on the algae growing in stream beds and on the waterfall. Both Algaway and Algae Fix are liquid treatments, easy to use and will kill the algae usually within a week. Once the algae is under control, a weekly dose will help to rid your pond of algae.
Having at least half the surface area covered with plants will help protect your water garden from summer-thriving algae by competing with the algae for nutrients. Floating plants and submerged plants both help combat algae problems.
The goal is to try and prevent algae from growing. Try to achieve a natural ecological balance in your pond, by adding more plants, and don’t overstock with fish.
Bacteria & Water Clarifiers
Adding beneficial bacteria is essential for the water garden and seeding of pond filters. Once established the bacteria lives by eating fish waste and other organic matter in the pond. Bacteria converts ammonia into nitrites which are then converted into nitrates. This process known as the Nitrogen Cycle is an important part of water maintenance. It is essential to the health of your pond inhabitants.
When cleaning your filter pads, lava rock or bio blox, care should be taken as to not kill the beneficial bacteria living there. Never use chlorinated water to clean filter pads, or if it is necessary to do so, try to stagger cleaning different pads at different intervals. Rinsing the filter media in a bucket of pond water will allow some of the bacteria to remain alive. We recommend adding beneficial bacteria after cleaning, and monthly to keep a thriving colony of bacteria in your filtration media.

Microbe-Lift makes a bacteria for each season. Each is formulated to work in the water temperatures of spring, summer and fall/winter. Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer Cleaner is a seasonal approach to the proper organic balance in your pond. It contains cool weather bacteria that will help to jump start your pond to a healthier environment in the spring. Once the water temperatures have reached above 55 degrees, Microbe-Lift P/L can be added. Microbe-Lift P/L is specially formulated for water gardens to promote clean, clear pond water. Adding bacteria to your pond this season will significantly improve water quality and appearance.