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White Snowflakes | Nymphoides indica | Potted

White Snowflakes | Nymphoides indica | Potted

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White Snowflakes are a pretty surface marginal plant for the water garden. Green pads and white fringed flowers look like miniature water lilies. Produces an abundance of small white flowers. Leaves are variegated bronze and green and sometimes have a butterfly pattern, very attractive. Potted Snowflakes are not available to ship to California or Arizona.

White Snowflakes - Nymphoides indica is restricted in NC, LA and cannot be shipped into the state

White Snowflake (Nymphoides indica 'Montana')
Size: Potted Plant 
Water Depth: Grows in 4" to 12" Water
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
USDA Hardiness Zones: 8-11


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