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Small Water Garden Complete Collection | 25 - 250 Gallons

Small Water Garden Complete Collection | 25 - 250 Gallons

$ 114.95

Everything you need for a small water garden or patio whiskey barrel pond that is at least 25 gallons or more. This collection is great for California and Arizona customers where we cannot ship potted plants. If you would prefer a different plant than the one pictured in the Collection, other choices are listed below. Just leave a note in the comment section when placing your order or email us. This Collection includes everything you need for planting your small pond except for the soil. Planting instructions included.

          5 Hornwort or Anacharis where legal
          5 Rotala, Aquatic Mint or Lemon Bacopa
          1 Azolla caroliniana - 1/4 lb.
          3 Sensitive Plant or Rosette Water Lettuce where legal
          1 Water Poppy or Snowflake
          1 Small Variety of Water Lily - Choice of Hardy Pink, Red, Peach, Changeable, White or Tropical Blue
          1 Plantabbs Fertilizer Tablets- 20 count
         1 Small Planting Bag for the Water Lily
         1 Package Weights 


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