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Black Madras Ornamental Rice | Oryza sativa

Black Madras Ornamental Rice | Oryza sativa

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A striking accent plant with burgundy foliage. Black Madras has beautiful, slightly arching, rich purple foliage. Sixteen inch long leaves start pale green, but turn dark purple as they mature. Mass plant ‘Black Madras’ along the water garden edge for a stunning effect. It looks very attractive when grouped with other aquatics in a pond. Purple leafed rice produces edible rice pods in the fall.


Species: Black Madras - Purple Leaved Rice (Oryza sativa 'Black Madras')
Height: 16" to 18" - Spread: 12" Wide
Outdoor Light Requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade
Water Depth: Moist soil or water up to 2" deep (Maximum water depth is for mature bog plants)
Zones: 9,10,11,12

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