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Bog Bean | Menyanthes trifolia

Bog Bean | Menyanthes trifolia

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Bog Bean is also  known as Buck Bean. It is an interesting marginal surface plant that can spread 3' to 5' across the waters surface. The olive-green leaflets will stick out of the water. Beautiful clusters of white flowers, are the first to bloom in the spring in April. Bog Bean is a favorite among water gardeners and is a great plant for rain gardens, large ponds and water gardens. Bog Bean will provide additional surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and take up nutrients from the water, helping to keep your pond clean. Native to much of the United States and Canada and is hardy to zone 3. 

Species: Bog Bean (Menyanthes trifolia)
Size Shipped: Shipped as a Bare Root Plant
Height: 6"-12"H x 12"-24"W and spreading
Outdoor Light: Full sun to part shade
Water Depth: 1" to 10", will spread out 3' to 5' across the surface
Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

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