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Landon Fertilizer 1 Lb.

Landon Fertilizer 1 Lb.

$ 12.95

Ken Landon Water Lily Fertilizer
This is one of the best aquatic fertilizer as long as you follow the instructions below and do not over fertilize. This fertilizer utilizes binary technology to help plants absorb available nutrients. Reducing the amount of fertilizer needed to get newly potted plants off to a rapid start. Ken Landon Fertilizer is 100% fertilizer. It is recommended to use 1/2 the dose for young plants or plants in water over 75 degrees. Treat every 80-90 days. Two treatments per plant should be enough for the growing season. If you want amazing, blooming water lilies growing in your pond, try this fertilizer. We are sure you will not be disappointed. I used it last season and could not believe how well my tropical waterlilies performed, multiple blooms all season long!

Landon Aquatic Fertilizer is a combination of organic and inorganic ingredients that work together to create spectacular results. It is a very ‘hot’ formula that requires very strict adherence to the directions for use. In using this formula we suggest that you combine the appropriate amount of fertilizer with soil and fill your container three quarters full. Then add a thin layer of unfertilized soil. Add the tuber and cover with unfertilized soil. This will prevent you from burning the roots.

Professional Maximum Strength 90 Days - 2.5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. Soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 50) This ratio is used to increase soil mass or pot size on completely undisturbed rooted, potted nymphaea for optimum results.

Full Strength 60 Days - 2.0 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal. Soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 64) This ratio is used for nymphaea re-potting using recently dug or uprooted plants with minor to extensive root injury.

General Purpose Strength 45 Days - 1.5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 85) This ratio is used for nymphaea re-potting emphasizing germinating tropical tubers from resting state and including germinating juvenile rhizomes.

Seedling Starter Mix Strength - 1.0 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 128) Marginal Mix Strength - 0.5 oz. Fertilizer to 1 gal soil (128 oz. Ratio 1 – 250)

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