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Small Water Garden Collection | Yellow Hardy

Small Water Garden Collection | Yellow Hardy

$ 84.95

This small collection of pond plants is perfect for a container water garden or a small pond.
It includes:
1 - Small Yellow Hardy Water Lily
3 - Rosette Water Lettuce or Similar Floating Plant
1 - Aquatic For-Get-Me-Not or Blue Moneywort
1 - Dwarf Umbrella Palm or Dwarf Papyrus
1 - 2 Pack 6" Round Planting Bags for the Marginal Plants
1 - 7" Square Planting Bag for the Water Lily
1 - Package Fertilizer Tablets

The Water Lettuce in this collection is restricted in some states. It will be substituted with plants of equal or greater value if shipping to a state where restricted - Know your state laws when ordering pond plants. Never release these plants into public lakes or waterways.

If a plant in this collection is unavailable at time of shipment, or illegal in your state, the plant will be substituted with a similar flowering plant.

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