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LoveBirds Birdbath Cleaner

LoveBirds Birdbath Cleaner

$ 14.95

Use LoveBirds all-natural birdbath, fountain, and small pond cleaner regularly for crystal clear, healthy water. 

The non-toxic formula supplies 5 carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria that biologically clean your birdbath, keeping the water healthy and safe for your feathered friends without the need for harsh chemicals. 

The living bacteria in LoveBirds will establish themselves in your birdbath, preventing colonization by potentially harmful bacteria. No bird lover wants their birdbath to make the birds sick, so use LoveBirds regularly and relax. 

Reduces sludge, prevents undesirable growths Eliminates odors and keeps water clear Reduces maintenance chores 

Safe for birds, pets, wildlife, plants, and people

LoveBirds Birdbath Cleaner all-natural cleaner for birdbaths, fountains, and small ponds supplies 5 strains of water cleaning and sludge removing bacteria, in a value-priced formulation designed for year round use.

Our proprietary fermentation process results in a product that reduces sludge, odors, and unsightly growths to keep water clear, clean, and safe for your feathered friends. It is also effective for fountains and small ponds under 100 gallons.


  • Use year-round. 
  • Shake well before using. 
  • For a new birdbath or for cleaning a dirty one, add one teaspoon. 
  • For routine maintenance, add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon weekly. 
  • May be re-treated as necessary.

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