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Smart Solar Fountain Fresh Cleaner

Smart Solar Fountain Fresh Cleaner

$ 29.95

Fountain Fresh - Water Clarifier (powder)

A water clarifier made from our proprietary blend of all-natural enzymes & extracts that prevents algae growth Non-toxic & completely safe for birds, fish, plants, pond life, and even your pets if they drink out of the fountain Keeping your water clear helps maintain the life of the pump and solar panel Keeping your fountain running prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs & attracts more birds Perfect for use in birdbaths, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and all self-contained water features 

1 container is 7 oz and has 20 scoops. 

1 scoop treats up to 25 gallons and lasts 2 weeks so 

1 container lasts 40 wks 

Container comes with a spoon inside 

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